Sunday, August 30, 2009


I came across this poem recently and its a great reminder for every
one of us. Just take a moment to read it.


When all hope seems to fade
You don't even want to start the day
Think of everything you've been through
Everything you've done

You got through all these things
And still you managed to smile
Know that it is you who set your path
Even if you don't know which way it lies

That is the time to be still and listen
Listen to your inner voice
It will tell you what to do
Will never let you down

So be happy as you go about your day
Do not look back
Do not look forward
Enjoy the moment you are in

We are never given more than we can cope with
So have faith that you'll get through
Guides, angels and loved ones
Never far away!
So never feel alone

Every step you take in life
They are just a step behind
Be still for a moment and feel them
Their tender touch, a breath of wind

by Carol Murphy

Li Ching
12:22 AM

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Accepting ideas of others

Well, look at the quote above and take a moment to think about it. Many of times, we want others to follow the things that are done our way. We tend to think that our ways are always right while others aren't. But then again, it's good to receive other people's opinion because our opinions are just a small part of the big picture. By receiving and accepting other people's idea, we get to see another perspective of it. I mean hey! If you can't accept ideas from others, what makes you think that others can accept yours?

Yes, we may not be able to accept certain ideas but do respect it. Especially when it comes to sensitive issues, do think first whether would it benefit others. Everyone has their own point of view, so therefore instead of trying to change people's perception , we should try to accept it as it is. It doesn't kill to do so , does it? I agree that it is hard to do so at times but we just have to set our ego aside.

Despite accepting other people's idea, we have to reason it out sometimes. And sometimes, certain things are unexplainable. And if you find it difficult to accept ideas from others, please refrain for making fun or discriminating it. It doesn't show that your idea is better. But then again, it depends on the situation whether is it school, work, religion or family matter.

There can be many different methods on getting or achieving something. Take examinations for example. Some people find it easier to study alone and others might prefer to study in a group or go for tuition. It doesn't mean everyone has to stick to one way to pass the examination and it also doesn't mean that studying in a group is better than studying alone. It varies among individuals.

And the great thing is that when we're open to other ideas, we gain more knowledge and wisdom. In the end, it really doesn't kill us to accept ideas from others.

Li Ching
1:37 PM

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Being true to yourself

Most of the time, we put on a mask just to fit in with others. And it became such a habit that we forget to be who we truly are. Sometimes, we think by putting a mask it helps us to fit in. It may be true and it may be not, however, we're not bring true to ourselves. What we are today are mostly influenced by the society and the people whom we mix with.

We tend to do things just to pleased others but we forget to about ourselves. We become so self-counscious around certain people because we're afraid to be judge. It's about time we stand up and live life the way we want it to be. No one can live your life for you as you take control of it. And hey! Having confidence in yourself doesn't mean you're putting up a mask.

And sometimes, we tend to allow others tell us which path we should take. No matter what, it depends on situations as well. So live life to the fullest as it is all about now and not the past nor the future.

Li Ching
3:37 PM

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tropicana Mall
(Last post about this event). Having my first trip to the Tropicana Mall, Oh boy! We did many silly things. Not forgetting , all of us had the sudden urge to go to the Curve. We ended up walking under the HEAVY rain and got back to Janie's house. Not long after, we took a taxi to the Curve and we were too drained to do anything. Somehow we ended up in McD at the Cineleisure. Don't ask me why McD? Anyways we had one heck of a time but somehow, it was terrific. It's great having friends like Janie, Sze Ting and Shannen. And for now, the pictures will do the talking.

Li Ching
6:32 PM

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chinese New Year Jam

I am pretty sure as you all know , most festive season jams are usually caused by accidents or because too many people are going back to their hometown at the same time. However, during this chinese new year, as my family and I were on the way back to PJ, we encounter a traffic jam around Seremban. My brother was hoping that most people go off to Seremban but sadly, that didn't happen.

After 40 minutes, it was still jammed. Not long after, we found out the cause of it. Well, on the opposite side of the road, meaning the other side of the divider, there was a guy changing his car tires. Malaysian drivers being malaysian drivers, they slowed down. At that moment, my sister mentioned that the radio station said that the cause of the traffic jam was because of a man changing his car tires. Amazing huh? Never imagined that a person who is actually moving to the south could affect those people moving to the north?

That guy should be so honoured. He caused a jam by changing his car tires. Such an impact.
This is the funniest and ridiculous reason for a jam. LIKE HONESTLY?!? It's so Malaysia....

Li Ching
9:44 PM

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Great memories of 2008
Let the pictures do the talking.

Li Ching
1:13 PM

PMR Results
Yesterday, was THE day where all form 3's from the whole of Malaysia were anxious about their PMR results. And oh boy, everyone was super nervous waiting for slip and even holding it without looking makes me want to faint. There were laughter but there were not so happy moments either for some of them.

However, I'm happy about mine. Thank goodness I gotten 7 A's straight. I started studying for PMR one week before the week and I DID pray a lot but I studied too. I still remembered a very silly moment. One of the day, I asked my mom whether does it work if I took two coins and go in front of Kuan Yin and asked her whether will I get 7A's. She said I could try. So I asked 3 times and 2 out of the 3 times, it showed No. The moment I saw that, automatically I cried and ran upstairs. My sis was like " PMR started yet or not?" *in a sarcastic manner*. I replied "no" and she said "then why are you crying. Aiyoooo.. PMR only laaa and you havent even took it".

Anyways, after receiving the results, some of us were suppose to feel the excitement. But my friend and I didn't feel it. It felt like " Oh, goodie we got good results" and that's all. Funny. However, for those who didn't get good results, it's totally fine. There is always SPM. Try harder. Love you people.

Li Ching
12:33 PM

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas's eve outing
During the christmas eve, I'd an outing with Hui Xian and Kitt Lei. We're suppose to take the bus but last minute changes, Kitt fetched us! Practically what we did the whole evening was window shopping, chit chatting and yum cha-ing.
Low Hui Xian
Wan Kitt Lei

At 9pm, Kitt had to go home but she was nice to fetch us to NZX (Niu Ze Xui). Xian and I went to find *drum roll*

And NZX was a total new place for me to be there. The deco's were not bad actually compared to a couple of places. They also had carolling before it reached 12 midnight. So, while waiting for caely, we went to a place to yum cha again. The kopitiam is quite cool, the deco was all white and it's 3 storey's high in the middle of the walkway. So we went to the 1st floor and chit chat for 2 hours plus.

While waiting for Caely to finish her work, Xian and I tried finding ways home. Surprisingly none of our parents can make it. We even tried hinting to one person to fetch us but sadly it didn't work. The person found out our main objective for asking the person to come out to yum cha. Thankfully Xian's bro came to fetch us. But, it was at 3am. So in the end, we went to yum cha at two different place after Caely's work.
And oh boy, what a fantastic night!

Li Ching
7:23 PM

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