Thursday, November 09, 2006

1st Day of my holiday
Yesterday my mom had to take care of the baby overnight because the mother had to go to australia and the dad isnt that free cause he has work the next day..So take turns hehe..Woke up and played for a while..He smiles each time i say "Zhe zhe love you"...SO CUTE and my bro reformat the comp too..Got virus..No idea how that happen

Spend my time using comp and confirming who is going for tmr's outing to 1U..My friends and I are going to watch the movie "Death Note". Some ppl say it is nice,some ppl say it isnt. Well i will know abt it tmr hehe...

Nothing much to type abt today though...Yesterday was my last day of school...Quite bz confirming things and being called here and there...Even teacher wants me to teach her how to do friendship band...but didnt manage to show her in time though..oh well..Gonna miss some of my friends...Trying to plan an outing so that i can see my friends again...

Use my sis's phone today to call and SMS ppl hehe...My sis went to India.. Well she let my family use her phone cause she can claim from her company hehe
Spend some time reading today and thinking how to cheer my friend up... Oh well hehe only she can help herself...All that my friends and I can do is advice her and so on..Got to talk to my eldest bro online whom i havent seen for 4 years...He is coming back to malaysia for 2-3 weeks.

Newayz i am quite lazy to type more...Hafta wake my bro up although it is 9.20PM..He needs to study for his finals aka last minute study or should i say burn the midnight oil..hehe..Now got virus again..I think it is because of my bro's game hack..Keep saying it is my fault..Oh well he still have to reformat the comp no matter what though..

Li Ching
9:12 PM

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