Wednesday, November 15, 2006

2 Dayz
Hmmm i cant really remember what i did yesterday..Oh my gosh i cant remember at all what did i do..hmmm oh well let's talk abt today..

Woke up at 7++ to wait for my friend to come over...I was having a patrol meeting at my hse..Was darn irritating that they took so long to confirm..My patrol leader for my troop camp even got irritated...I havent been sleeping much for the past few days though...mostly everyday had been waking up early..Oh well let's continue..All of my patrol members came at 10.We discussed abt the songs,gadgets and so on...I cant wait to do my sketch because it'll be funny to disturb my PL to act as a girl :P...I got to talk to my eldest bro today...Hope to see u soon if ur reading this..

They went home at 1.We change our patrol name from Eagle to Phantom Phoenix...But somehow we dint change the look of the flag..Didnt have the time to re-do so oh well we'll be using that...

My worse nightmare is having my elder bro to pack my bag which will be tmr..Somehow i dont really like the idea of that...Well it is real nice of him...Hopefully he doesnt read this *pray hard*

Li Ching
11:29 PM

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