Monday, November 20, 2006

Camp At Ulu Yam
Went to camp on Friday...Got to know that i actually whack one of the scouters when i was a lil kid...Oh well..Went hiking to our campsite..I was really clumsy during this camp...I tend to fall quite a number of times in the river..Fell 3 times continuosly...Got quite a number of cuts and wounds..I had a great time at camp..I got to bond with people and understand them more..

I like the river..But didnt really like the like doing the obstacle course..Played water rugby..It was quite nice watching the scouters play..It was really funny..Got to know that my both my brothers torture people last time...tsk tsk tsk...I had quite a nice time during the cultural night..It was fun to listen to ghost story besides the part where a person besides me grabbed onto me real tight..
The worst and funny part about this camp was the scouters lost to the scouts...My goodness...aih speechless abt that..The juniors dint manage to catch any fish..

Not forgetting the OBH (Operasi Burung Hantu)..It was quite boring sitting down..But at least i have a friend beside me...Hmmm I just got to know why didnt my elder bro went to the camp to meet up with the other scouters...He didnt know the way lol..The hike back to the place where the bus stopped to fetch us back was quite fast..Actually it is because we're going downhill..When i went home, I showed my mom and bro my wounds.They asked my how did i get so many cuts and wounds..Anywayz after that i took a hot shower and applied yellow lotion...My bro was real comforting abt my wounds..He say my wounds look horrible..

Newayz thats all for now...I summarize my 4 days..

Li Ching
9:07 PM

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