Sunday, November 26, 2006

Days Passing By
Hmmm I shall start from yesterday...Had guest over for dinner...Got two lil girl came..Their names are Ranko and Reika..Super cute lol..The youngest one,Reika was poking me with a satay stick 0.0 ...It was kinda painful..but oh well

Well today ,I got up the earliest..I was the only person awake and it was 7.30..Didnt want to sleep back again because i am worried no one is going to wake me up for the so called scouts meeting i had today... My mom woke up after i was being sent to school by my sis..Good thing i got up myself..Had to boil my own water and all.. My sis made me eat breakfast which is pulut hitam... =.=.. Chat with my bro who is in Australia now for a while.. He gave me some advice..I'll make a post on that advice though.. Went to school to wash tents and so on and i was actually quite early eventhough i was 10 minutes late..

It was quite a great experience being in school alone for 20 minutes.. No one was around.. Super quiet 0.0 ..My mom came late whereas everyone else went home.. Had my lunch and all... Took a short nap.. Had quite a disturb sleep.. When i almost fell asleep, someone called me and asked me whether can she buy her school books tmr... I was like OMG,this type of questions also must ask me =.="".. Aihz...

Went to my kai ma's place..I was expecting to get a whack/hit from her for the blessing but didnt ...Phew...thank goodness..Anywayz wasted my advance crying last night..Was kinda worried like some stress person..Now dont need to worry anymore :P.. Went dinner with her family,my mom,sis and I.. Just got back.. Quite tired..I shall make it short lol.. Gonna post the advice soon... Maybe after this if i dont feel tired or lazy..

Li Ching
8:33 PM

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