Friday, November 24, 2006

It has already been 4-5 days after the camp..Feeling so much better..I cant wait for my next camp on the 4th-6th Dec..I have been reading 3 books so far..Dont know why nowadays i am in a reading mood...I am so glued to books now..(p/s i am not a bookworm)..Been doing nothing lately..Kinda wasting my holidays in a way..Oh well, need to find something beneficial..

Helped my mom with chores once a while and play with the baby..Cant wait for him to turn 6 months :P...I am just so bored so i decided to post something...Still thinking of posting something to do with philosophy but still havent have any idea yet..Btw for those ppl who are reading this...U ppl can download this few songs by BoA which are atlantis princess , The Lights of Seoul, Every Heart ,Winter Love, My sweetie and everlasting..

Thats all i will be posting for now...So bored that i think my posts are boring now :P
What to do??oh well
Adios, Sayonara and ciouz
And once again i summarize my 4-5 days again..Isnt it easy??

Li Ching
4:18 PM

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