Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Dayz Out
Well I havent been posting anything for the past 2 days...
I shall start of with Friday.I went out with my friends to 1U...from 10.00 to 6.45...was really tired after that..Watched Death Note...The movie was nice and unexpected for the happening because i didnt read the manga and watch the anime...Oh well...There'll be a 2nd movie of Death Note, cant wait for it..

On Saturday, went for scouts in the morning..Played games,learn to use parang again, and so on....My bro went with me 0.0...He walked quite weird though...Oh well, it is his style of walking...Went home and took a so called short nap which is 4 hours lol...Slept quite late at night...My mom slept super early because was tired..

Well today, I woke up and did my own things and help my mom with some chores..The nice part is my 'kai ma' (godmother) came to my hse for a while..She just got back from australia last night..She brought back from stuff that my eldest brother passed it to her to passed it to us...I got a Roxy wallet and 100 mom,sis and bro got a few stuff too...It has been some time since i seen my kai ma.. Hmmmm have to go out with my friend soon to buy stuff for the camp..I am so lazy to go out but oh tmr my mom have to take care of the baby for one last night...The other days just like usual...*pity my mom* she hardly get to sleep..But she go out shopping with her frieds today

Will post once i get back or another day
Adios for now

Li Ching
1:15 PM

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