Monday, November 06, 2006

Well I am a 13 year old girl with a mentality of an older person according to what my older friends told me.. Hmmm lately my life seems great..Have lotz of friends whom I love and also not forgetting my family and teachers.. If anyone needs someone to talk to abt their problems, u can always find me. I wouldn’t mind listening…somehow i really welcome those ppl no matter what..i would really want to see everyone leading a happy life.well i know thats hard to wish for but that isnt impossible.

Neways my Horoscope is Pisces..Well I admit I may be very sensitive at times. Still trying to change that though..Hmmm most of the time u would see me smiling..oh well enough of that..what else I haven’t mention abt myself…hmmm Well I love bright colours especially green, yellow, red and purple/violet.. I love listening to music and also dancing..

I am a talkative person..So if anyone is feeling bored is welcome to chat with me.I also like reading philosophy books or quotes. It seems to be quite interesting for me though.. I have interest in semi precious stones and art & craft. I like certain types of sports and activities. I don’t mind to try anything new.

If anyone is interested in numerology, please tell me.. I think I should make it short.. This is becoming like a long essay.. who wants to read long essay abt someone lol… if anyone wanna know more abt me , just add me in friendster. Thatz all for now hehe

Thankz for spending some of ur time to read my blog.

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Li Ching
11:39 PM

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