Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hmmm nothing much happen today...nvr had to worried abt this type of days..no complains from teachers though.. the worst could happen is nothing hehe...well it is true though...my class teacher doesnt complain/comment abt me..My class teacher is very nice and a great teacher...Hope she'll be teaching me next year..Anywayz my mom didnt collect my report card this time because she started babysitting... The baby is super cute though lol *making my friend feel jealous* kekeke

My friend's mom had to take my report card including 2 of my other friends... Means altogether she had to collect 4 ppl's report card though. Hmmm it took her abt 1 hour to go to all of our classes..Well at least I photostated my results but didnt manage to have the time to pass it to my mom because she was super busy..It took me 20-30 minutes just to photostat my results because no one was there...One thing nice abt Rka day is that everyone gets to go home early..

When i came home ,I played with the baby for a while.. Wanted to take a nap but couldnt sleep ..Even the baby wanted to sleep but didnt manage too hehe...FYI it has nothing to do with me nor the baby that both of us couldnt sleep but after the baby when back, i manage to get 2 hours nap..
Spend my evening with my mom and bro...Wonder why that nowadays my bro tend to disturb me..Well it is fun at times..

Newayz thats all for today..wanna sleep soon hehe

Li Ching
11:28 PM

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