Sunday, December 03, 2006

Life goes through changes so fast, you think your life is great then one of your best friend dies.Then you think you found someone you truly love, only to figure out he/she doesnt love you back. You cry and cry and cry but nothing changes. You realize that u must accept things for what they are and what they have made you become. Everything in life changes you in some way.Even the smallest things.If you dont accept these changes, you dont accept yourself.For through these changes brings new and greater things to you ,making you wiser as time progresses.,To avoid these changes is a loss..You only live your life once.Do not waste a minute of it avoiding things.Let them come to you and learn from them.
From this we also learn to accept things...This is actually one of the quote which i like..It teaches everyone something..To be more aware..
Thats all for today i guess

Li Ching
2:46 PM

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Eric Sim aka Kukuthebird

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