Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lazy Dayz
Wow it has actually been 1 week since i posted anything..Well maybe it is because i had been doing the same ol' thing again and again..Typical stuff..Welli am underage to have a part time job..And cant really go out much..Reading also there is one more problem which is i finished reading all my story books, and the books mom wants me to read also i cant read...My sis bringing one of the book to SG and my mom is reading the other one =.=" ...Using comp is ok but it isnt good for our eyes...So sometimes since i have nothing to read, i surf the net to read some things...

I am actually spamming a bit here lol..Well at least tomorrow i am going for dharma camp..Wouldnt be back till Wed..Still wondering how am i coming home hmmmm...Havent pack my bag yet, but there are actually very few things to pack cos it is at the centre..Just clothings and sleeping bag...I can actually just bring my school bag lol..

Hmmm hopefully i buy my books soon..My brain cells are dying each day lol..Which is quite bad in a way..Everyday lazing around,doing chores and all until dint really exercise my mind..
I think thats all i gonna post today though..Maybe there is one more coming up..

Li Ching
2:04 PM

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