Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Dhamma Camp
1 day before the camp i found out that one of my schoolmate was going, phew..Somehow i manage to go for this camp thankz to my sis cos i dint join the BUBS..
The 1st Day
When I was there,I knew no one..No long after got to meet new friends..Got to know that there was actually people who brought 10 shirts for a 3 days 2 night camp..After puja ,we had games..and then lunch..we had to eat mindfully..Then we had lying meditation..Shoot..I fell asleep..oh well...abt 97% of us fell asleep..Not long after there was a monk who drop by and gave us a bit of dhamma..We played this concentration game called Sea and Sand..We had this game compass reading and finding clues and all..The sun was really bright and the weather was darn hot..I took the fastest bath during this camp..5 minutes including washing hair and all..We watched the show 'Matrix'..There were a few things we supposed to learn from it..We're freezing in the room..When we went back to our rooms,we saw the guys room and we laughed..There were mattresses with nemo,teddy bear pic on it..cause most of them dint bring sleeping bag..

2nd Day
Woke up and did morning exercise including 1 part of yoga..During lunch,we did metta before eating..We ended up reciting our metta super fast until we're told to slow down lol..We did lying meditation once again and guess what? I fell asleep again..When Jeff Oliver rang the bell, all of us woke up..except for 3 guys who couldnt get up and was sleeping soundly =.=..2nd day outdoor games i dint go..heard was eye wasnt feeling fine so i dint go lol..Night time we had a skecth...Was a total failure for my team..Dint had much co-operation..Aihz..Oh well..

3rd Day
Had breakfast and did meditation again..Sitting and standing meditation..Not forgetting puja everyday..Actually i dint know anything abt puja until i came for this 'camp',The food was real tasty and good..We sang songs and played games..Then we did outdoor activities which was telematch this time..Tug-of-war, one guy fell and fall over me..Ouch!..then we had a gathering and then we took a group pic..Then we had our tea break..And we went home from there..

I slept for 12 hours..Darn it..Here i am having a slight backache cos my sleeping bag was thin..and i dint put mattress on the floor to sleep below the sleeping bag..luckily 2nd night i did..And there was one game,i knock against one guy..Ouchies!!haha but had a good time and some of the 10 yr old boys are so cute..small size and some of them were plump..they looked like 5-7 yrs old..

Li Ching
11:46 AM

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