Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Elder Bro
Nowadays i hardly have anything to post abt..Maybe because no inspiration,mental block, nthing interesting happen, Etc. etc.Well this is why I am gonna post abt my elder bro.Maybe because he has playing around last night.Let me post some examples:

1st- I was playing solitaire with my friend on msn and he comes into the room and asked me what game am i playing?so he took over because he wanted to play..He pretended to be me and told my friend that I am depressed..So that she was distracted... =.=""

2nd- I am sure u guys seen dragon ball..Well he did those action that Goku did and hit lightly on my back..thank goodness he hit lightly..Sometimes i get slightly hard ones

3rd -He was drinking coffee and asked me whether do I want it or not..And he said it is nice in mandarin..He was being sarcastic in a way though cause he asked me at 1 am in the morning..and he knows that my mandarin is quite bad..He also asked me to ask my online friend whether she wants coffee... weird huh?

4th and lastly not least - There was 1 of my online friend asking what is the name of my school..He made my school name sounds so nice... He put National Secondary School of South East Asia Park..Well it is true if u were to translate it..Oh well...

and the thing was he kept entering the study room which made me had a hard chatting with my friends..He also made sounds like Hisssssssssssss and so on..creepy sounds

Well these are a few things that my bro do to me when he is bored..It is fun though lol..I poke his waist hehe..It's tempting to poke when he almost open ur msn msg from ur friends cause i am sure no one wants their sibling to read their conversation with friends..Well no matter what i love him lotz and and not forgetting my lovely family

Li Ching
5:01 PM

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