Saturday, December 23, 2006

Holz with friends
Wahhhh at last i managed to sign in my blogspot..It was really irritating that i couldnt load the page..It has been abt 9 days since i posted anything..Oh well, I spent my days doing the same ol' stuff...I wish school reopens soon..Anyways it is..Another 2 more weeks..

Went out with my friends yesterday...We had lunch before we entered the cinema..We spent 15 minutes eating at KFC and my friends stuffed mashed potato into my bag..And it isnt those small lil size of container but the bigger size...Luckily nothing happened..We went into the cinema and watch the show 'Eragon'...It wasnt really that nice..

Later on, a few of my friends and I went to MPH cause one of my friend wanted to buy presents for her family members..Then later ,we went to the arcade...Oh well I am quite bad in games :P...After some time ,we went to A&W.. 3 of my friends and I sat down and we started talking about names...Celine was giving us and some other of my friends christian I still disagree with the name she gave me....

At 5 p.m. some of my friends went home and left a few of us...We just walked around looking for pressies, but somehow my friend ,Si Jin kept talking without looking around for present..We did talked abt homosexuals and religion (sensitive issue)...They just cant seem to stop talking abt it..
My friends managed to get their presents..I followed my friend home..Reached home abt 8pm..Been at 1U for 7 hours plus..Slept at 11..

And today I'll be going to my friend's church..For christmas celebration..

Will post abt it later tonight once i come back or tomorrow if I am able to sign in again lol

Li Ching
2:22 PM

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