Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Busy Dayz
I havent been posting for almost 2 weeks..Thats quite long though..Oh well..One reason was partly because my comp was having some prob before this..My bro had to reformat the comp..Another reason is also partly because I've been a bit bz with stuff like studies,scouts ,english society and all..So i dint really have the time to blog..It seems that people are busy nowadays..

Funny thing is that i received a phone call at 9.20 am in the morning and i asked my mom who was it? And the person was my teacher..I was a bit shocked back then but i guessed correctly which teacher was it..I had to do english socity stuff by editing false info cause that was what i was told to do..My teacher will re-do when she gets the info cause she had to pass the info to the ermm i cant remember what today..

I'll be missing abt 3 days of school next week starting on thursday..once i come back i'll have lots of things to catch up once i come back..Oh well..I was being told to update so this is all for now..

Kinda bz finding some stuff for school work..Adioz

Li Ching
9:46 PM

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