Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Trip To Chiang Mai Vers.1
Well I do hope if i type abt my trip it wouldnt be too long..Here it goes:

25th Jan
I went to Chiang Mai by AirAsia with my mom and elder bro..We woke up at 5am because the taxi will be coming at 6am.When we reached Chiang Mai ,we went to the guesthouse called the Bamboo Den..Then my bro settled all the tours we wanted to go..After that ,we walked around and came across this temple which has 3 jade buddha..After walking some time we went back to the guesthouse and my mom and bro went for massage but i stayed in the gueshouse..We went to the night bazaar at night..We ate at this place for dinner and my bro was really 'smart'..He ordered 2 crabs without asking the price and it came out to be Rm80+ or shall i say 812bath..He was stunned..Oh well at least he learnt something...

26th Jan
We woke up early cos the tour van was going to pick us up..There were 10 ppl in the tour including us..1 old couple..the rest are abt 20-30 yrs old..The first thing we did was went for jungle trekking up the hill to see a hill tribe..After that we went for elephant riding..Somehow my mom and I gotten the smallest elephant compare to others..At the starting point we had to buy food for the elephant or else the elephant insist on not moving..There were also a baby elephant that is 1 yr+..At one point, the baby elephant walked under my elephant..its head was under the elephant's back..Guess what?? The elephant im sitting on shit on the baby elephant..Overall it was a fun ride..After that we had lunch and went to see another tribe but didnt had to walk much..maybe less than 500m..We went to the waterfall..The water was cold but the tour guide define it as warm lol..We Went for river rafting later on..the river was quite calm..We're told that we'll get 90% wet but when we got there we're wondering how to get wet with this type of flow..After sitting for a while, we got to know ..The 3 rafts including the one i sat on are from our guy on each raft to guide the raft..Well i got splashed by water..Everyone got splashed..We're told that No Wet,No Fun..They also used the bamboo stick and whack the water so that the water will splash..We're actually more like 100% wet than 90%..Somehow my leg got stuck between the bamboos..aikz..almost all of us fell into the river..the other two raft always got capsize because of the guy who rows..They did it on purpose to get us wet..Had a tiring day but Fun..Went back to the guesthouse to rest..

To be continued...

Li Ching
9:49 AM

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