Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Trip To Chiang Mai Vers.2

27 Jan
Went on another 1 day tour..We're being told we're be traveling 650km altogether back and forth..First we went to the hot springs and then went to a temple in Chiang Saen..We passed Chiang Rai on the way..We also went on a boat ride on the Mekong River..It is 500m wide..We went to the Golden Triangle.Found out why is it called Golden..It was because of those days they trade opium..and Triangle because it is a border between Laos,Myanmar and Thailand..before we reached the golden triangle we dropped by at Laos..Had lunch after that and we went to 2 tribe village..The Akha (they speak Hakka) and the Meo..and after that we sat in the car for 3 and a half hour..Oh My Goodness...This trip we spent a lot of time sitting in the

28 Jan
Today we took a red taxi..We went to this temple called Wat Suthep Rajvoravihara ..It was really cold that day..The temple is uphill..We went up by taking a lift and came down by walking down the 306 steps..After the temple we went to factories such as the leather factory...Was sick of hearing the salesgirl telling us that the stingray skin means lucky more than 15 times..Oh gosh..We also went to the silk,lacquer ,silver ,a shop selling tribe things and gem shop..After that we went for lunch and went to a shop selling umbrellas..My bro kept asking my mom to buy a few umbrellas..Went to this place selling honey..We learnt how to know whether is it pure honey..If u put on honey and the tissue and the tissue doesnt get wet means its pure honey..Another way is u put honey on a match and light it..if it doesnt light up means it isnt pure honey..Last way is u put honey on a transparent plate and u put some water and u turn for 10s and after some time it looks like honeycomb..After that we went back and bro and mom went for massage again..The funny part today was watching my bro and mom debating whether to buy the things or not..Aihz my bro ar..Kept asking my mom to buy umbrellas and honey hahaha..

29 Jan
Went home ..

thats all abt my trip

Li Ching
11:12 PM

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