Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chinese New Year

It is already a new lunar year,and this year it is the year of the Fire pig.
Everyone is celebrating CNY for 15 days..And it seems that this year is a good year..Well mostly every year is..Anywayz i shall talk abt my trip to Malacca

My family and I went back to Malacca..I slept during the journey and my bro pushed me away when i leaned on him without knowing....When we reached there the weather was really hot and sunny..Later in the afternoon the weather seems a bit moody...We went to my mom's sis house which is my aunty..then we went to my uncle's house..My siblings played mahjong with my cousins..I just watched them play..After that we went back to my aunty's hse..Had dinner.and went back..The following day when i woke up in my uncle's hse..I saw a dog in front of me..Not directly in front but yeah in front..The dog looked at me and i looked at a dog..I was kinda sleepy at that time lol.Went down and my elder bro was telling me that his leg was sexy with hair..Then we went visiting again..And we reached back in KL at 9-10 pm..And now here i am..relaxing while listening to music..I got ang paus yay lol

Li Ching
1:15 AM

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