Friday, February 16, 2007

My 6km Hike
It has been weeks since i posted anything..So might as well i post this..Didn't had the time lately ..Anywayz here i start :

I went for my 6km Hike on the 10th of Feb..It was after troop meeting..My friends and I went to the Seapark KFC for our lunch..Thank goodness we manage to go back to school in time..Well we started off at 1Pm..From SMKTS ,we walked to Ming Tien. At first i didnt know abt this place ..But now i know lol..From Ming Tien we walked to Lim Kok Wing..We actually took the overhead bridge near Yuk Chai school..At the end we actually got to know that we can actually just cross the road..When we reached near Lim Kok Wing, we're being told to buy stuff for Yee En..So we went to 7/11.. Started from there we lost Chee Ken..After Lim Kok Wing we walked to Chempaka Buddhist Lodge.We saw the other patrol and somehow i wonder why did we ran..After that we walked to Projet and was given a clue abt someone's sis..Nicole, Nicole..She didnt know lol..It was just her sister after all..We had to draw the school's logo ,so we went in..We asked the kids where to find it..Some of them look scared of us..Luckily there was one small boy wearing the school's PJ shirt..We copied from there..After that we walked to Mobil..But we turned to the overhead bridge way...We use a longer route because we didnt get the clue in time..Oh well..After crossing the overhead bridge, I was so close to my hse...*sigh*..On the way to the closed Mobil, Geoffrey kept poking us with the stick to keep us in line..After Mobil ,we walked back to school..And we were quite glad because the weather was humid.

Somehow i wondered whether did we actually walk 6km..It didnt feel like it cos it seems like quite a short distance..

Li Ching
6:35 AM

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