Monday, March 26, 2007

Had to do this
Layer 1: On the Outside
Name:Chim Li Ching
Birth date: 16th march 1993
Current status: Single and loving it
Eye colour:dark brown
Hair colour:Dark brown
Righty or lefty: Righty

Layer 2:On the Inside
My heritage: Chinese
My fears: Being alone in darkness and height
My weaknesses: Being poke at the waist and being tickle
My perfect pizza:Capsicum,Cheese, pepperoni and few more stuff

Layer 3:Yesterday,Today and Tomorrow
My thought first waking up:What is the time!??!
My bed time:whenever i feel tired
My most missed memory:Being a baby

Layer 4:My pick
Pepsi or Coke: Anything when im thirsty
McD or Burger King: Any
Single or Group Date: No comments
Nike or Adidas: Both to me is about the same
Tea or Nestea: Anything..I aint fussy
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
Cappucino or coffee:I dont take caffeine so yeah

Layer 5:Do you...
Smoke: U think?Of course not..
Curse: hehe used to
Shower:Do u actually think im that dirty to not bathe
Have a crush: U think?Of course
Think u've been in love: Define love
Go to school: Of course
Want to get married:Yeapz
Believe in yourself:Of course
Think you're a health freak: At times hehe

Layer 6:In the past
Drank alcohol:Tried before
Gone to the mall: No ar..Everyday at home..Of course i've been to the mall
Been on stage: Of course
Eaten sushi: Duh!!Of course
Dyed your hair:No thankz..Still young

Layer 7:Have you ever
Played a stripping game:Nopez
Changed who you were to fit in:Not sure

Layer 8:Age you're hoping
To get married:I am only 14..Long way more..

Layer 9:In a guy
Best eye colour:Anything
Best hair colour:black or brown
Short or long hair:Preferably short

Layer 10:What were you doing..
A minute ago:Chatting,listenin to music and this?
An hour ago:Same thing
4.5 hours ago: In school
1 month ago:What do u want to know?
1 year ago:Many things happened..

Layer 11:Finish the sentences...
I love: Myself,Family,Friends,People i know and the world
I feel:Sick?
I hate: Aint that sure.Hate is such a strong word
I hide:nothing?
I miss:Having no responsibilities
I need: rest and medicine

Layer 12:Tag 5 People:
One: Sze Lynn
Two:Sze Ting
Three:Yuen Hee
Four: Caely
Five: Yew Leung

Li Ching
8:40 PM

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