Monday, March 12, 2007

Junior Camp
On Friday,I reached home at 7.00 and quickly bathe and went out to buy food and came back.Reached school a lil late though.Quickly registered went for the flag break.Good thing it was dark :P. After that we juniors gathered up and was told to build our poncho tents. We finished it a bit late..Before we even finish, we were called by scouter for lecture because we were slow and it seems to the scouter we dont know how to build a poncho tent..After that we sat in the classroom to hear abt the lecture regarding fire lighting..So after the lecture we build a small fire cause we do not want to waste our firewood..After that we washed up and went to sleep..Most of us dint really have proper sleep cause of the mosquitoes although we put mosquito coil.

On Saturday morning, we took our breakfast and did morning exercise and rope climbing..After that we went for our lecture regarding backwoodsman cooking..At 11+ we did our backwoodsman..Somehow i lost my Sage..People kept borrowing my spices. My patrol's chicken was not bad but a lil too salty..After clearing up, we went to the classroom and from there we went for either rope climbing, rope throwing or pioneering which means building a small tripod..
After that we had our halangan komando ..We did duck walk,barrel and all..After that we are allowed to take our bath..And then we took our dinner at 5.30..We help to collect some firewoods for the night..and think of the sketch..At night we had our cultural night..I have to admit, last year the sketch and all was better..Oh well for the seniors i dont know cos my patrol was doing security..After that we so called did our survival night which was suppose to be 4 hours but ended up abt 1-2 hours..After that we tried sleeping in ponchos..My friend and I slept for 45 minutes and after that we quickly get out from there..My face got mosquito bites and not forgetting my hands..we chatted in the scout den..Some of them slept super early whereas i slept at 4 am..My friends were scratching in front of me because i was rubbing my face due to the mosquito bites ..Saw my bro at 2.45am in the morning ...i was shocked..About 5+ my friend woke me up and when to wash our face..i ended up walking with my eyes close when one of the teacher saw me doing so..hehe..After that we went to poncho and slept ..I woke up 7.28 and quickly rush a bit..7.30 we learnt how to do a flag break ceremony ==""..After that we packed up and sat down and sing songs for a while then went to clear up the school..We had our flag break and all of us went home

Most of the juniors having muscle ache here and there

Li Ching
11:44 AM

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