Monday, March 26, 2007

My Dayz
On Saturday, I went to school because of replacement.14 people in my class dint go on that day.After coming back from school, after taking me bath ,had to help my bro to fix up a new computer table from IKEA..Had to clean the dusty comp..My bro was fixing it up..His body was full of red spots..Sensitive skin i think..Anywayz had to take my bath at 7+ again..

On Sunday ,I woke up at 7+ in the morning ..Had to go for a workshop with sis and mom..Guess what?I had to wait for them when i went there cause they had sharing..I was in someone's apartment for 2 hours+. Read a book and watch TV..Then had lunch and went for the workshop..
At 6+ i followed my sis to Bukit Kiara to walk..Half way walking, my friend smsed me whether is there any homework..I replied back that i was at Bukit Kiara walking..The next thing he told me was that I may get to see my friend there cause he goes there to play is like SWEAT!!!Had briyani rice for dinner

Today about at 3+,i think had food poisoning..Diarrhea...Kept going to the toilet..And was having flu..Went to school in that condition..Took my KH test and all..During recess, i called my mom saying that i want to go home..Really wasnt feeling well..So when my bro came to fetch me..My friends who say him kept saying that I look so much like him..Came home and took medicine..And now here I am

Li Ching
9:30 PM

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