Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Picture/Photo Day
Well yesterday and today was photo taking day..During my class photo it actually reminds me of something funny that happened to my monitor..Well it was because his hair was standing up even though he didnt put gel.. Well one guy who had a comb which was placed in a water ermmm water cup..ahhh something like that..The guy actually used that comb which was used by many people to comb my monitor's hair..My monitor rub his hair after that guy combed his hair twice..Then a teacher told him if he keep pushing up he isnt gonna be in the photo..So he sat quietly while being combed hehe..Even the guy said it reminds him of a peacock :P

2nd day of photo taking ..Well for English society i kinda have a bad feeling abt how the photo is gonna come out cause my eye was half open cause of the sun..Most of us could barely open our eyes cos it was painful..Oh well ..and today..Hallelujah..I lost to my monitor in 'Scissors,Paper,Stone'.We played that game to see who takes the buku ponteng, attendance slip and all..Well i lost to all..It is like Oh my Gosh...I had free 4 periods..Did nothing much and have nothing much to blog about here..And kinda worried about my maths and Bm results..Cant really do anything much..Should have waited for all my results to come out then tell all the bad results to my mom first..I used my best results as the 1st..darn wasted..Gotten 21/30 for Sej..Kinda sad but oh well what has been done, has been done.The good news was geography and English test was easy so i got 30/30 for geography and 40/40 for English..So thats all for now..Gonna study harder yet enjoy life cos we are only young once..

Li Ching
10:41 PM

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