Sunday, March 18, 2007

Yesterday, My friends and I went to Audrey/Aaron's house for a potluck..Christine and I was the earliest..Her two dogs was BIG and black..Ok after all came, we had our dinner..1 barrel of chicken from KFC , 2 pizzas, nuggets, papadam, and i forgot..We could barely finish all so we played blackjack to choose who to eat..After that we went out walking in the housing estate playing the 'POP' thing where u throw onto the ground and there is light and sound..Well Jonathan gotten hit on the shirt and shoe..It hurts though lol...When we got back we had to eat what we were suppose to eat from the game..Suddenly my friend off the light and Wei Yuen said 'Oh got blackout ar?' =.="".. They came in with a birthday cake with two pandas..So sweet of them..After that we sat down and chat and played this game called cranium..Was really funny though..Soon it was time to go home..I had to bring half a cake home ..Jonathan gave me Ferrero Rocher..And when he gave me ,he was like..To my good assistant monitor lol..and Audrey..She gave me two panda things saying in the card..Guess which part of the present I remind her of me? lol..What they meant was the panda lol..Anywayz they're so sweet.Love them a lot

Hugs to those ppl who set this whole thing up without telling me
(Audrey,Aaron, Wei Yuen, Christine, Jonathan, and not forgetting Vinodhan...)

Li Ching
9:19 AM

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Eric Sim aka Kukuthebird

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