Monday, April 02, 2007

Paint Paint Paint
I've been doing couple of painting lately..
Well I painted the kitchen floor (1st coating) on Friday,and it took me so long to remove the paint from my hands and legs lol
Had a fun day..After hse practice went for painting haha..After that went back to class..Ohhh I miss my lovely BM teacher, Pn. Suaihala..The relief teacher is so scary

On Sunday , I helped my sis paint her cupboard..And hallelujah..I paint paint paint and my hair got paint..And it is white..WHITE~ and spent my afternoon happily painting my plaster of paris..Did a mistake and had to repaint the whole background..

Well today, people kept asking why was my hair white at some part..Some stupid ppl said white hair is it? least there were some smart ppl who knew it was paint haha.My lovely monitor..Today my relief teacher called him to write on the board (notes and exercises that teacher left us)..He asked me to write AGAIN!!! Oh well at least he said thankz..

Tomorrow gonna paint the kitchen..Yay i cant wait to get over it..I have no idea why am I posting about this..Oh well...Needed something to post about while waiting for aun wei to pass me some photos on Saturday..Will post about it ASAP..

Li Ching
11:14 PM

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