Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lol on Friday after school ,we went for the camp..After school we quickly walk to Shannen's house and reached there within 5 minutes.We rushed and there was a traffic jam and also we forgot to take our registration slip.We have two registration time and we went for the latest one.We reached at SMK Tropicana at 8.10pm..Good thing we didnt need to set up our tent because the others set up for us..After that, we went to our own groups.I got to meet new friends..We listened to lectures and after that we had this STA(Spare Time Activity) and we went back to our tent after that.

Next morning, we had our morning exercise..Woah everyone cheated at the push ups cause we had more than 40+..Shannen and Vincent went for Morib for some job week and was being told that they'll get a cert. but i think end up they didnt..We learnt about First aid and lashing/knots for the base stations..My gosh they wet us at one station..and great..the scarf colour run..My PJK shirt has a small part of purple colour..Good thing its purple..LoL..After all those, we prepared for our Malam Kebudayaan/Cultural Night..After dinner Shannen and I went to use the toilet. By the time we got back down to the ground floor, some one was blowing the whistle for us to come, so Shannen started running across the courtyard, and i followed behind. My legs hit Shannen's, and then we both hit the floor. She have scrapes and bruises on her body. I only got a small bruise on my left leg .The MK was real fun ..After that we had some footdrills.We had to sew on our PLTC badge on our uniform..Lots of ppl dint bring..I sewed 6 times..Woah my thumb is slightly swollen till now..The badge is super thick..and har har very funny..Someone took a photo while i was sleeping on the bench.

Next morning, we had morning exercise again..Mathew and Shannen manage to finish their STA..and got the Impeesa badge..After that we listened to lecture and we took one photo which everyone is in the photo ..After that we went home..I slept for 4 hours after that lol..Manage to get some of my friend's contacts

Li Ching
10:37 AM

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