Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mid Year Troop Camp
I haven't been blogging for quite some time so since I'm free right now ,i shall blog about the camp.
Well on the first day,while walking to our campsite, we kinda look like turtles.One bag in front and another at the back lol.Digging holes 2 feet deep and using ur hands at times hurts..lol especially when the ground has plenty of stones which took some time to take out.Well all the girls cleared campsite and dig holes while the guys chopped bamboos.Cooking on the floor for the first day was a really good experience.Chopping food at the river was funny.We accidentally dropped stuff there and we had to quickly pick it up before it floats away.I didn't really sleep much for the 1st night.

Could barely wake up and after washing up,morning exercise and breakfast we did backwoodsman.My patrol's backwoodsman chicken turned out not bad lol.There was two patrol that cooked fish and omg..it attracted flies.We did gadget building after that i think.Dinner was okay.At least there was a table to cook on lol.We had a small gathering that night.Each of us had a nickname and we went to bed.I had a bad rash that day that made me walk like a crab.

3rd morning was the same and we went to the waterfall.We use the river instead of the road.Well the waterfall was just nice.Cooling.It was fun watching Yee En playing with the guys such as asking them to do pumping in the water and washing their hair.Well i fell and got cut by a rock.We cooked our maggi mee and went back.Each patrol had to build a boat for it to float.Whichever reaches the end wins.Well my patrol nearly won but got stuck and cannot go through lol.After that we had our semaphore competition.It was quite funny because my patrol cheated from the beginning but anyway we were told to cheat without being caught at the end.And after that we were told that in life sometimes we have to take a shorter route as long it doesnt bring any harm..We had our commando cross and well i learnt something from here.Always wear LONG pants.It hurts a lot.MK or shall i say Cultural Night was quite fun..Our patrol hurricane's patrol song was real funny..

4th day we cleared up and everything.Isnt much to post about the last day.Thankfully didnt get any leech bites.

Well here I am having more than 50 bites on my face and as for my legs and hands..Wow plenty haha.And I have a swollen left foot.It looks FAT haha..Body itches right now .Thats all for my post.Will try to post the pictures.Well even better.check out aun wei's blog

Li Ching
10:22 PM

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