Monday, June 11, 2007

My 1st day of school after hols & my very first C
Well i started off my day with waking up at 6.20 in the morning.Took part in the javelin and lol...Well i got "batal" 4 times out of 6..I know i know..kinda lame and all..At about 10 in the morning..I followed my friend to the dentist to fix her braces. We walked for 15 minutes..We were so glad when we reached the dentist..We feel cooler haha. After that we walked to McD and ate lunch there..There were 2 ladies talking softly and staring at us saying that we kids nowadays skip school and all.I think I heard that kind of sentence in 3 different language .After that we walked back to school and well..Get to meet up with all my friends again.Didn't really study much..To be honest i don't think i study anything today.During moral time, Oh great..My very first C ..I was so shocked that i actually cried LoL..Well 10 minutes before recess..I went to the canteen then went to the staff room to get the key to open the Koperasi..Well after finding from classrooms to the staff room to the canteen and went all the way back to the staff room..I managed to get the key as i was being rushed by 1 of my friend..It was because she wanted to Photostat something..Well after that..I was worried for 50 minutes trying to find something that teacher gave to me..A printed paper..But it was actually with one of my classmate who took it without my knowing..Well did nothing much today though

Li Ching
8:54 PM

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