Friday, July 20, 2007

My week
I haven't been blogging for some time.So I decided to update my blog.I shall post about my days starting from

Last Friday

Well, in the morning I had to wake up for purple house practice and I was practically tired after that.During that night, I went to Shannen's house for BBQ. We were having weird conversations.Real weird ones.But we did have a good time.

Following day,

Quickly did my homework in the morning and went to school in the afternoon. I can't believe i hid my handphone somewhere unexpected. After school, Seck Wei and I walked to Taman Bahagia station. We waited for the rest to come. After that we went to CHS for their night gathering. I met up with my friend from Bukit Bintang school. The night was rather ...* no comments* Well, I met a couple of new friends.I noticed one thing which was some of them couldn't speak proper English. Oh well, was really tired after that due to the ache I had on Friday

On Sunday,

I went to 1U with Shannen, Jess ( Shannen's cousin), Shannen's mom and Nicole. We spent 2 hours in a shop. 1 SHOP..Only ONE.. Well, we made Shannen bought a skirt. It was Fun. After that, we went to her house cause she had to attend her WSJ meeting. At 4 in the afternoon, Nicole and I went to Secret Recipe with Jeremy Lim. We had to run back cause we were late. After that, we went for paintball. I was so glad I didn't really got hurt. During the game ,maybe yes. We went back a bit late. Jess was telling us about her dream. It was really FUNNY!! It was about blue sarongs and her bro was wearing one and he looks hotter in it than her. Well I was really tired after that.

Pictures at 1 Utama. We're bored while waiting for Shannen, we did this.Just try on clothings .Only Shannen and her mom bought clothes.

This is Shannen's cousin *drums roll* JESS

This is picture is Shannen, Nicole and I.Trust me, the room was really cramp

Another picture with Shannen's mom, Shannen And Nicole

This girl just had to keep taking a nice picture of the shirt that she wants to buy to show her sis..

And after that,before leaving 1 Utama, we bought COTTON CANDY

1st, Stare at it

2nd,Check it out

3rd, Put them together

4th, EAT IT

On Monday,

I had to wake up in the morning for netball. We had two matches .Us (purple house) against red house and another which is green house. My body hurts as we dived for the ball .It was funny yet painful. We lost red house by 1 point but we won green. Went back home and ended up in school again. I was kinda tired due to lack of sleep.

On Tuesday and Wednesday,

I can't remember.... XP.. All i remembered was I managed to get proper sleep...Not only that, Brenda, Miu Yinn and I made a deal which is try our best not to use manglish. If we do, we will correct each other.

On Thursday,

We had another 2 more match with blue and yellow house. We won blue but we lost to yellow house. We didn't make it to the finals but we did our best. After that, I went for my English Language Society club and took a bath in school. I could feel the stinging sensation on my legs as there were a lot of scratches because i fell a lot. It was a bit slippery due to the rain the night before. We had a history quiz in the afternoon. Could hardly answer the questions. I also had my Maths test. It took me long enough to realize that 2 and a half times 2 is 5.


I have not much comments about today. Just prepared to not relax this weekend. A lot of things to be done.

I managed to get back my internet today due to the late payment thanks to my bro. He paid yesterday.

Li Ching
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