Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Sometimes in life, we tend to let anger control us. And even by that, we might not be aware of it. Funny isn’t it? To think twice, what’s the point getting angry at someone or something as it will only affects us. By getting angry, it just makes you suffer literally.

By getting angry, it not only affects the things that happen in our life but also our health. Some people don’t realize that negative emotions are the culprits of cancer and many other illnesses. Ask yourself why are you angry at the person as well? Is there something about that person you dislike which is in you?

I do agree everyone gets angry at times. I mean like who doesn’t? It is just a matter on how the person deals with his or her emotions. Some times in life, it takes one person to tell another in order for that person to realize. Funny thing about us humans are we tend to remember bad moments than happy moments. We tend to not be able to let go of it.

We might think we have let it go but then again, deep down we haven’t really forgiven the person. If you’re angry at someone, do tell the person in a nice way and at the same time apologize for getting angry.But do tell the person when you're not angry anymore. Try not to silent war Lol. You’ll feel much better and lighter after telling the person. Even if you don’t want to tell the person, you can always write it down on a piece of paper instead of holding a grudge or whatsoever.

Li Ching
12:22 AM

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