Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Forgiveness. I’m pretty sure many of us know what does this word means. But how often do we actually do this? Sometimes we don’t even say sorry when we’re at the wrong. The funny thing about us is that it seems to harder to say sorry or forgive someone who is close to us rather than someone who isn’t or a stranger. How often do we actually mean it when we say sorry? Well, there is no point saying sorry when you’re feeling angry because most likely you don’t mean it.

It takes the courage to actually say sorry or forgive someone. Sometimes we take it for granted saying that the person might know that we are sorry. To actually forgive someone or saying sorry, it’ll lessen your baggage on your back if you know what I mean. Although you may think you actually forgive that someone, deep down you haven’t actually forgive that person totally. Although forgiving is hard but it’s possible. Once you learn about forgiveness, things will happen to be better.

Li Ching
11:23 AM

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Eric Sim aka Kukuthebird

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