Saturday, August 18, 2007

Time passing by
Time seems to be passing by so fast. It seems like I've been up to quite a number of things lately.Well, at least Canteen Day has passed. It was quite an experience though. Went around trying to sell milkshakes.It's quite a messy job if you're to blend.

PLTC camp is over as well. I didn't sleep for 30 hours and didn't feel sleepy at all until I came back.I started my first fire without someone helping me to light the match as well.It was quite fun besides the part where I've been out since morning until evening then went back to school.The lectures that night was funny.Actually the part about personal satisfaction made us laugh.We also had this IQ game and then treasure hunt.Having commando cross and morning exercise was tiring but FUN. While waiting for the others to practice flag break ceremony, most of the scouts were telling A LOT of jokes.After lunch, I had to go home cause there were visitors coming and had to help my mom.

Now , I'm just looking forward to National Day and Exams.Need to start studying soon cause I'm quite lost.It seems that this year I can't really pay attention. Haven't been in a mood to blog long posts as I used to post.

Li Ching
8:58 PM

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