Friday, September 21, 2007


It has been three weeks since I last blog.Exams are around the corner and i haven't been blogging due to my connection.Funny as I see most of my friends stressing out when I'm not. Maybe I'm a bit stress subconsciously. 4 papers done and 11 more to go. 2 days of exams has passed. During my Malay Objective paper,I had extra time to waste so I was too bored and I made this poem.

Happy dwarfs went out to play,
As they go on saying Hey! Hey! Hey,
Johnny the dwarf lost his keys,
Someone found it and said it's his.

Joyful fairies dancing here and there,
Playing a game called truth or dare,
Daring each other to pull of their hair,
As though they didn't seem to care.

Don't ask me why did I make those up. I was too bored that's all.Funny how our minds can think all types of nonsense when we're bored. Well that's all I'm gonna post for today.

Li Ching
11:23 PM

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