Thursday, October 11, 2007

Exams are over
I'm so glad exams are finally over. But it seems that I still can't really sleep that well. Oh well, I shall finish up one tag before my connection slows down. Haven't been able to sign in my msn for I've no idea what is the reason.

I have been tagged to do 3 tags. But I think I'll do 1 for now as I do not know whether am I be able to post this up due to my connection. So I shall start with Sze Lynn's tag as I think she wants to pay back for me tagging her :

1. Tell us your name : Chim Li Ching.

2. Three things about yourself : Perfectionist, Sensitive and Have a mind of my own

3. What's in your playlist : Check it out yourself. Its easier for me as well ^^

4. Your favourite music : Anything that I like to listen to?

5. Favorite guilty pleasure : I am not a sadist unlike some people *cough cough*

6. Favorite food :Mom and sis's cooking and many more. I ain't fussy >.<>
8. Define sex : Please visit wikipedia for further information. Please and thank you

9. Any celebrity crushes : Nope.

10. The last person you hugged : My sister. <3>

11. The last person you talked to : My mom

12. The last time you cried : Can't remember as I don't have a book to record that down

13. The last time you had sex : I'm only 14 years old..Ask me that in 20 years ..

14. The last time you made out : None

15. The last time you dated : None

16. The last time you went out : Yesterday!! Ice-skating~~~~

17. What's on your mind right now : Feel like eating banana..No dirty thoughts please

18. What's bothering you now : Can't find people for test taking

19. This year's resolution.Save Money $$ and make things better?

20. Your nickname :~Chingz~

21. What's your nickname about : My last name..Like DUH!!!

22. The person you missed the most : Let's just say I am used to not seeing people i know so yeah

23. Current mood : Neutral

24. What are you thinking : How to torture the form 2 next year in scouts..

25. Best childhood memory : Running around playing with almost everyone without any responsibilities and just so innocent haha

26. 3 of my biggest fear : Being alone in the dark , losing everyone in life and horror movies

27. Who do you love : Most of the people i know ?Some of the strangers are friendly as well

28. 3 things you hate : Hate is such a strong word

29. Do you blog : If not ,what am I doing now?

30. Tag 5 people : Amanda Phuah , Hui Xian , Kitt Lei , Jeremy and SHANNEN!!

Li Ching
6:23 PM

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