Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gathering in Janie's house
Haha I can't help not posting this cause I'd a FUN day.
I was suppose to go to Janie's house at 9 o'clock in the morning But I kinda overslept as my friends had to call my handphone. They said they're going to murder me so I quickly dress up,do my chore and walk quickly to her house.

We started playing Pictionary first but it ended quite fast.

Then we moved on to Taboo. It kind off became a memory game due to the reason we played it twice and used up all the cards (both sides). We've like this secret way of describing. Funny thing was.. We guessed a few words quite funny without thinking..For example :

What does a prince become?

How do you go from the airport to your house?

Oxygen ignites what??

or even this

The word was breaststroke
Janie gotten the breast word right
then Jeremy said. 2nd word. What do people get when they're old?
Janie answered SAGGY BREAST

After playing, we'd lunch together. We rested for a while and continue playing another game which was TWISTERS!!
It was real fun and we played for 1 hour plus. Janie and Yew Leung won in the end. The rest of us were playing cheat..We rejoin the game 2-3 times. Now I know why the max player for Twisters is 4 people. 8 people playing this game is so cramp but really challenging. Back bone were aching after that haha.

We chatted after that and went home. Had so much laughter after such a long time . Wait a minute, my friends and I always laugh .

That's all for today

Li Ching
11:47 PM

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