Monday, October 29, 2007


I've been lazy to blog lately. Anyways my friend asked me to update about JOTI and here I'm.

Well it has been 1-2 weeks late to post this but who cares?

Well when I reached there and after registering and all (surprisingly my IC no tells me that my birthday is on the 46th of March LoL) we had a briefing on JOTI itself.
I managed to meet Eirene and Pei Li as I've never met them before, only chatting with them through the Internet. Saw Kien Beng as well. I somehow ended up partnering a girl from SMK Seafield. Oh gosh I'd quite an okay time besides her almost pushing me off my chair and singing. >.<>

Malam JOTI was fun as we saw many performance. Oh gosh did I sang the Rumput song oh so loud. Anyways my patrol's sketch was regarding people promoting JOTI and the people who passed by make fun of it and etc.etc.

After that we continue our phrasing. At about 1-2 am , we went to bed. I slept directly where the air cond was blowing and woke up freezing. After that, went to take a bath and the water was not that cold nor its hot. Did morning exercise and had breakfast. Now I'm practically scared of kaya with bread as my patrol did had a hard time finishing a whole loaf of break with kaya. And the all boy's patrol helped us by giving us more while our patrol was only made up of 10 girls. Went back to do phrasing and all.

In the end, my partner and I managed to get 2/4 badges only. But oh well, I won for the most decorative logbook. ^^

I'm so lazy to blog anymore so that's all for now. Need some rest to play for the interclass netball tomorrow ^^

Li Ching
11:27 PM

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