Friday, November 09, 2007

A Fun Day At Work
Well today was a fun day. Especially when 3 young girls came in to wrap a present. Well one of the conversation went like this :

Girl : Oh cool, these things are like magic 8-balls. Let me try asking one question. Am I hot?

The ball showed NO

Girl : Dang! *puts back the ball*

Or this

Girl : Her friend

Girl : Oh those boxes are so cool. I like collecting boxes.

Her friend : For what? it just takes up spaces.

Girl : Well, I put my own things in them.

After a few minutes,

Girl: Eh that box is very nice.

Her friend : Buy it then *sarcastic*

Girl : For what??

Her friend : Oh, you can put coins, tiny stuff and all.

Oh my goodness. I had to keep on biting my lips in order to control my laughter.
After they left, I straight away burst into laughter.

Anyways before closing the shop , I laughed a lot again.
Cause of my colleague that was mopping the floor.
She squeeze the mop using the plastic thing but she pressed oh so hard that it looks like it's going to break.
Then one lady said " Eh, nanti rosak then you sendiri use your hand to squeeze"
Then she replied " No la Aunty, hahahahahahaha kalau tidak nanti basah"

3 of us kept on laughing.

Anyways I hope to stay at my current job.

Li Ching
11:03 PM

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