Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My Part time Job

I had a fun day today. It's my first day of my part time job. Funny thing was the lady didn't know I'm only 14 years old. Guess the person who told her about me forgot to mention about my age. So for now, I'm 16 LoL. I started out at 10 in the morning. There were quite a number of people at first and soon there weren't anymore. There are like 4 cctv in the shop. So you can't do your own things haha. Not long after, a guy from the opposite shop (cake shop) came over for fun as he had nothing to do. He is 27 years old and he is from Pakistan.

Everything went fine including lunch time. I was a bit blur with Bangsar so the lady asked the guy from the cake shop to show me the way. His name is Amir ^^. Then a malay girl who is working here as well came. Her name is Farah. Oh gosh, she made me laugh a lot. I'd great fun working there.

Funny thing was I accidentally wrote happy hour instead of happy house. Farah kept kutuk-ing Amir in malay. He kept saying.. Aunty Ally, what is she saying.?? I was practically laughing a lot.I even got a whole cake on my first day as the guy work until the shop close. Did I mention he works alone in his shop but the shop has a cctv. So whenever he leave the shop, his boss will call. It even happened when he showed me where to buy food. His boss called and asked where is he and he replied "oh boss, I'm buying food right now".

All I can say is ' I HAD A GREAT DAY'

Li Ching
11:26 PM

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