Thursday, November 29, 2007

No more part time job

There are 2 reasons why I quit my job. First of all, they found a new full time staff, which means they only need me on certain days at certain hours. Secondly , if i were to continue, transportation will be a bit of a problem for me. So which is why I quit as it is inconvenient for me. I was given another option as well which is to work in Mid valley. It is in an open area like those you'll usually see in the mall. The reason why I didn't choose it is because I've to work 12 hours for 21 days without a day off.

Anyways, I did enjoy working. It was a good experience in a way where I get to observe how other people act and get myself exposed. Not only that, at least now I do know how to wrap presents properly in a way. Before this, I'll usually simply wrap.

When I was working with the lady, I've learnt new things. I do agree that she is quite of a pessimist type of person but each time when I see that, I tell myself not to follow that path but instead the opposite. I even tried changing her negative statements to a positive statement but it didn't actually work though in a way that she still sticks to the negative statements. Sometimes, I really feel like being straightforward with her, but it seems whatever I tell her, nothing enters. Anyhow, that is her but overall she is a nice lady.

It truly had been a great experience for me. That's all I would like to post for today.

Li Ching
11:32 PM

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