Monday, January 21, 2008

A Day In The Library

I can't believe I'm actually typing this out but I've no idea what should I update my blog with. I no longer want another person asking me to update my blog.

Now, I shall begin my very FIRST post of the year 2008.

It started off with a dark gloomy sky when thunder was rumbling, as we sat in an air-conditioned library discussing big matters as it was the only time we were able to. We were terrified as it seems there wouldn't be another chance to talk about this as it was too dangerous to do so. It couldn't have happened until .......

Okay, I shall stop.
It just started off just like any other normal schooling day as Janie, Shannen, Ming Zhe and I were sitting in the library. Today, I've learned that librarians are noisier than any other student who comes in to the library. And they call themselves librarians. *kidding*

Currently, Ming Zhe and I are to be blame for the heavy rain. There was actually a heavy rain with thunders at about 4 in the evening. And to Shannen, I am obsessive but consistent but you become over-obsessive when you're not lazy.

I've just lost the mood of blogging. So, Farewell.

Li Ching
6:07 PM

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