Saturday, April 05, 2008


Time really does pass by real fast especially when you’re busy. Anyway that wouldn’t be my topic for this post. My topic of the day will be RASH.

On Monday, I went to visit my beloved doctor whom I haven’t visited for YEARS (which means I’ve been quite healthy). I had this really bad rash on my both hands and legs (the joints). So I waited for him as my heart was pounding thanks to my brother who told me something at home. He said “Oh if the doctor asks you whether do you want a jab, say yes.” Yes I admit it helps to heal faster but I was a lil scared of injections due to past experiences.

Then, my name was called by the nurse. I went in and showed the doctor, Dr Kenail Singh what was my problem. He said “Oh, a classical thing. You’re a pretty girl but then, with your hands and legs like that, boys will run away. Okay, okay I’m just kidding”. *we laughed*

Then he continues asking some questions and finally he said “Oh you need to get a jab after this and btw, you’ve to stay away from a certain type of food for 3 months. It might be the cause of it. You’re going to hate me for this”. In my mind, I thought it was seafood or maybe sweets. In the end, the types of food that I can’t eat are

1) Poultry

2) Egg

3) Cheese

4) Prawns

It’s totally fine with me though. After that, the doctor asked me whether I want to get jab on the hand or butt. I was like “Mom, which is less pain?” and my mom replied “The butt”. Guess what? It took 2-3 minutes for the doctor to convince me that it wouldn’t hurt as I was sticking my butt towards the wall. *lol*

Now, I don’t even bath with normal soap but with a type of cream that the doctor gave me.

I am super glad that FINALLY my rash is going away. I LOVE THE DOCTOR!!!

Peribahasa by me before my rash started to heal
"Sedikit sedikit sakit akan menjadi SANGAT sakit"

p/s : It's not my leg. Just that my rash looks like that :P

Li Ching
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