Saturday, May 03, 2008

My dream

I'd this dream which is unforgettable as I have only dreamt about it a few moments ago. It was quite creepy as it was about Death.

I can't really remember how did it started off but what I'm about to type out are just parts of it.

I dreamt that my family and I tried avoiding from being injured. But in the end, it was unavoidable. All of my family members died including me. I remembered shouting out loud asking for someone to just shoot me and let me die . In the end , it happened.

There was a man who talked to my mom just before the death saying that what would have happened if I wasn't born into this world and all. I also dreamt the part after death. We ended up in the house again but this time, we're dead. My mom was still able to cook and I tried using the computer to communicate with others. I also saw one of my friend's display name which says 'My friend died in front of my eyes'. I was able to type one message to my friend but after that, there were no more contacts. It came into my mind that I was too young to die and there were flashbacks and many things I wish I could have done.

As the day turned to night, the house was starting to disappear. I saw many people coming into the house and saying that they don't see anything at one second and they're able to see the house the very next second.

Well, that's about it that I can remember.

I'm still rather creep out right now.

Li Ching
12:56 PM

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