Friday, June 06, 2008


Cousin's Wedding

I spent my first 3 days of my holidays in Malacca as my cousin was getting married. When we reached Malacca, my sister realized that she didn't bring her whole luggage along and then my mom and sis took a drive back to PJ. They left me in Malacca but then again it was totally fine with me as there was internet there. Finally the new comp arrived today. So the following morning, I followed my cousins to the bridegroom's house thanks to my two lovely cousins persuading me eventhough i gave the excuse that I don't have any nice clothes to wear. In the end, they lend me something to wear. I followed one of the bridegroom friend's car with two of my cousins and they made me sit in front. So he started talking and asked one of my cousins whether is all of us working. So she replied, " Oh no, except the one sitting in front" in Cantonese. The guy asked how old am I and my cousin said 15. That blind guy said he can't see me as a 15 year old kid .

We had nothing better to do so we took photos.

Then the night came. Never have I been this thankful that the night ended. Listening to people singing karaoke there was a killer as I wished I could just break the whole thing.

This was the most fun trip to Malacca in my life as I spent more time with my cousins. Eventhough we may have some communication problem, we still managed to talk to each other although I can't speak much Hokkien and they can't speak much English either.

This was last year's which was during my cousin brother's wedding.

Li Ching
9:10 PM

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