Friday, June 06, 2008

My holidays and thoughts
I practically spent the rest of my holidays doing a bit of project-ing, camping and working part time. Oh boy, the part time job was hilarious after some time as it was a routine thing. However the pay was quite fine as it was RM 80 a day. We managed to do 5566 boxes in 4 days.

I planned to relax, go out and paint during the holidays but it didn't happen. This holidays got me thinking more about my life but I haven't got my answer yet.

I've been worrying over my future and other matters. I've been asking myself what do I really want in life and is this the way I would want to lead my life. We do not have to wait to be older to do something good or anything. We could just start NOW instead of dreaming what we can do in the future. Dreaming about the future is totally fine but we should not spend too much on it as the present becomes the past and the future will sooner or later becomes now. Even 1 second ago is the past. Instead of thinking so much, why not do something. It doesn't mean thinking is bad or anything but just not too much.
Concentrating on the future is not gonna make us any happier as the future doesn't always turn out the way we want things to be. When that time comes, we'll feel disappointed. We tend to forget to enjoy the present and regret later on in life.

It's true that we've to always stay positive. Maybe when the time comes, something better turn out and it might not be what we think our future might be. Happiness comes from within and not from other people or any material things. Don't put the blame on others when you're not happy as it is you who choose to be happy or any other emotions.

Why do we always have to wait for next time instead of starting from now? Sometimes we tend to push our blames to others and don't hold responsibility for our actions, words and thoughts. It takes courage to hold responsibility for our own life and yet, its hard sometimes. But hey!, its the process of growth and from there, we improve ourselves.

Li Ching
10:51 PM

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