Saturday, August 16, 2008

Handling stress

Stress is something that occurs to almost everyone in their daily life. It is not something for us to run away from but to learn from it. I have to admit that I always wanted to run away from my responsibilities but i came to realize that i am not taking responsibility of my own life. However, asking people for help isn't irresponsible.

Different people have different ways of releasing stress. Some may play sports and some may spend hours doing arts and craft. So whenever you feel stress, take a deep breathe and drink some water, tell yourself you could do it and get back to what you have to do.

To all those who said I can't handle my stress , I thank you guys so much. Honestly I thank you for being so concern. I love you guys. However, its a learning process for me. Things like this will eventually come to me and I eventually have to learn my lesson or its going to be repeated again and again until I actually face it.

This is a training ground for me and I am thankful for having all of you to back me up. Love you guys once again.

Here's a cute quote I found:

Instead of saying TGIF, say TGIT - Thank God it's today!

Li Ching
11:42 PM

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