Monday, September 01, 2008

Suppressing Emotions

I couldn't help not blogging about this as I've done it. Suppressing emotions are one of the things whereby I do not advice anyone to do it. By doing so, you're just running away and lying to yourself. On top of that, you're simply not dealing with it. Emotions that aren't let go will just go to our subconscious mind.

I mean like Hey! It's life. We are all here on earth to learn our lessons. There are bound to be ups and downs. By ignoring it, it will just continue to come back again and again until you take responsibility of it.

To change your emotions, you must change the feelings of which they are an expression. And to change your feelings, you must change the thoughts that your feelings are based on. Take charge of your life and not run away from them.

I saw this article and I couldn't help not reading it. Here's a part of it :
"By the time we are labeled adults, we are so good at suppressing that most of the time it is totally second nature. We become as good or better at suppressing as we originally were at letting go. In fact, we have suppressed so much of our emotional energy that we are all a little like walking time bombs. Often, we don’t even know that we have suppressed our true emotional reactions until it is too late: our body shows signs of stress-related illness, our shoulders are stuck in our ears, our stomach is in knots, or we have exploded and said or done something that we now regret."

So, do note that everyone goes through it and not only you do. We just have to learn to deal with it and not suppress. Acknowledge your emotions and don't dwell. Ask yourself why are you feeling angry or frustrated. Is it in you?

However, I ain't asking you to react there and then. Don't think that suppressing just for now may be good as you haven't reach your limit. Think again. Even by saying it out to someone and not taking responsibility of your life doesn't make much different.

Li Ching
12:47 AM

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