Monday, November 17, 2008

Working as a waitress during the holidays is not what I would call boring at all. Although your juniors might come and disturb you like the ones in the picture below.

Not only juniors would come, so will your friends. And the best way to cut them off is by saying "Go die!".
During this hols, I get to meet up with my primary school friend whom I haven't met for a long time. The person is *drum roll* LIM YI JEAN
And not forgetting Lim Seck Wei who is BALD!! Fine. Almost bald! *do note that the ppl behind are all wearing red*

Holidays have been fun so far. Cheers!

p/s : My working place has this super duper perasan guy who says that he has three girls who was trying to go after him. Girls find him and he don't want them. It's amazing how much ego that can come from a 15 year old guy.

Li Ching
10:02 PM

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