Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas's eve outing
During the christmas eve, I'd an outing with Hui Xian and Kitt Lei. We're suppose to take the bus but last minute changes, Kitt fetched us! Practically what we did the whole evening was window shopping, chit chatting and yum cha-ing.
Low Hui Xian
Wan Kitt Lei

At 9pm, Kitt had to go home but she was nice to fetch us to NZX (Niu Ze Xui). Xian and I went to find *drum roll*

And NZX was a total new place for me to be there. The deco's were not bad actually compared to a couple of places. They also had carolling before it reached 12 midnight. So, while waiting for caely, we went to a place to yum cha again. The kopitiam is quite cool, the deco was all white and it's 3 storey's high in the middle of the walkway. So we went to the 1st floor and chit chat for 2 hours plus.

While waiting for Caely to finish her work, Xian and I tried finding ways home. Surprisingly none of our parents can make it. We even tried hinting to one person to fetch us but sadly it didn't work. The person found out our main objective for asking the person to come out to yum cha. Thankfully Xian's bro came to fetch us. But, it was at 3am. So in the end, we went to yum cha at two different place after Caely's work.
And oh boy, what a fantastic night!

Li Ching
7:23 PM

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