Wednesday, December 31, 2008

PMR Results
Yesterday, was THE day where all form 3's from the whole of Malaysia were anxious about their PMR results. And oh boy, everyone was super nervous waiting for slip and even holding it without looking makes me want to faint. There were laughter but there were not so happy moments either for some of them.

However, I'm happy about mine. Thank goodness I gotten 7 A's straight. I started studying for PMR one week before the week and I DID pray a lot but I studied too. I still remembered a very silly moment. One of the day, I asked my mom whether does it work if I took two coins and go in front of Kuan Yin and asked her whether will I get 7A's. She said I could try. So I asked 3 times and 2 out of the 3 times, it showed No. The moment I saw that, automatically I cried and ran upstairs. My sis was like " PMR started yet or not?" *in a sarcastic manner*. I replied "no" and she said "then why are you crying. Aiyoooo.. PMR only laaa and you havent even took it".

Anyways, after receiving the results, some of us were suppose to feel the excitement. But my friend and I didn't feel it. It felt like " Oh, goodie we got good results" and that's all. Funny. However, for those who didn't get good results, it's totally fine. There is always SPM. Try harder. Love you people.

Li Ching
12:33 PM

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