Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chinese New Year Jam

I am pretty sure as you all know , most festive season jams are usually caused by accidents or because too many people are going back to their hometown at the same time. However, during this chinese new year, as my family and I were on the way back to PJ, we encounter a traffic jam around Seremban. My brother was hoping that most people go off to Seremban but sadly, that didn't happen.

After 40 minutes, it was still jammed. Not long after, we found out the cause of it. Well, on the opposite side of the road, meaning the other side of the divider, there was a guy changing his car tires. Malaysian drivers being malaysian drivers, they slowed down. At that moment, my sister mentioned that the radio station said that the cause of the traffic jam was because of a man changing his car tires. Amazing huh? Never imagined that a person who is actually moving to the south could affect those people moving to the north?

That guy should be so honoured. He caused a jam by changing his car tires. Such an impact.
This is the funniest and ridiculous reason for a jam. LIKE HONESTLY?!? It's so Malaysia....

Li Ching
9:44 PM

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